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Led by the designer Orly Silber, the studio specializes in creating contemporary and sophisticated architectural and interior design for residential projects and commercial spaces including offices, restaurants, and hotels.


AA House

Modern minimalistic family home (600 sqm) on a 2,000 sqm plot. Two main building surround the pool.

The main family quarters with 6 bedrooms, living room dinning room, main kitchen, hidden kitchen, cinema room and laundry room.
The second building is only the entertaining area with a pool table, huge dinning table and living room.
It consists also a guest house.


RG Project

Modern minimalism design for an apartment in the Manhattan Tower TLV.

Monochromatic colors were used through out  all areas of the house.

This total renovation of the apartment with it's complete new architectural division meant 

restructuring and changing original designated kitchen and bathroom place.

The goal was to create an enlarged space by creating a higher ceiling with a long high kitchen cabinet design.

This long Kitchen Design with its attached long black marble Island create a most luxurious spacious place.


Private residence (built 550 sqm) on a 1,500 sqm plot.

This modern minimalistic luxury home is designed for a couple with 3 kids.

The house was designed with light warm colors with lots of waterfalls and plantation around it to give the owners a feel of a luxury resort.
The house consists also a private night club. 


YH Project

Total renovation project (450 sqm) family home.

The house was designed for a couple with 3 kids.

The exterior has an elegant black and white classic European style.

These colors play a concept design in the interior with very unique 3d carpentry thru out the house.

The kitchen is outstanding with its two large islands. 


RF Project

Modern Style Ranch House

Renovation of a 16 year old Ranch House Central Israel.

The Ranch House is situated on a 7000 sqm plot with two major buildings with joint access to the recreation areas and farm.

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