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Modern Style Ranch House

Renovation of a 16 year old Ranch House Central Israel.

The Ranch House is situated on a 7000 sqm plot with two major buildings with joint access to the recreation areas and farm.

One building is the main residence of the family and second is a guest house.

The main entrance to the estate brings you to an open space connecting to the main house on the right and secondary house on the left.

An infinity pool is situated at the back of the two houses and over looks to the ranch and stables.

This renovated house was designed in a modern classic style. Light tones of beige and grey follow through out the House.

The fireplace/TV wall and also guest washroom and master bathroom are all made from Salvatori Silk Georgette Marble stones in different variations.

The house has a custom made designed metal white mashrabya that is a cnc cut design.

This metal mashrabya decorates the skylights in the house which creates games and shadows of light.

This unique metal design, which is partly see through, participates in the wall separation between free standing wash basin for guests and kitchen.

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