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This Private Residence, was designed by the Studio, for a couple with four kids that entertain quite frequently.
The house built on a 2000 sqm plot, consists of two separate buildings: The Main Residential Area, consisting of 400 sqm and Guest House, consisting of another 200 sqm.
The Main Building was designed with 7 Bedrooms, Private Home Cinema, Luxury Kitchen + Hidden Working Kitchen, Living Room and Dinning Room.
Our goal for the Interior Design and Architecture was to create as much transparency to the pool from both buildings.
The Guest House with its unique Entertaining Center facing the pool, has another Home Cinema, Pool Table and Dinning Area.
This Entertainment Center with it’s huge glass sliding doors, makes this area, absolutely part of the outdoor recreation area, when the weather is nice,
but also a great place to be, during winter. The Waterfall from the jacuzzi area to the pool also creates a private spa get away for our clients.

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