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KP Project - Country Ranch House Israel -

A new construction of a modern style country ranch house ,central Israel. This  one story, 300 sqm ranch house has a pool and stables on a 2500 sqm plot.

The main house consists of 3 children suites, master bedroom , living room, dinning room and kitchen.

The aim was to give the traditional country farm house a more modern twist. The high roof beam ceiling was kept in the traditional way but all rooms and carpentry,

were given a different more industrial interpretation.

All carpentry in this house are custom made and designed with unique details, from the metal kitchen to the old distressed wood slabs constructing the doors and cabinets.

Wood mashrabyia decorate the entrance to guest bathroom and wall cabinets in the living room.

The entrance to the  high ceiling corridors, are designated by the marble arches, all giving a luxury feel to this ranch house.

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