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Private residence (450 sqm) on 2000 sqm plot in Kfar Shmaryahu.

This 2 story house has a ground floor and basement.

The ground floor has a large kitchen, dinning room, master bedroom, guest bathroom and office.

The basement as 4 suites laundry room and home cinema hall.

The architecture of the house is a minimalistic modern design with an emphasis to have 

as much view as possible to the huge garden outside. The idea was to have a big enough angle from all areas of the house to  the garden.

As if the garden was a picture hanging over the wall. The house was built in an L shape for that reason.

The slanted slates of wood decorating the house exterior on the roof play a game in the house banister.

These slated wood slates are the concept design of the house. The transparency of the house to the garden and the transparency of the master bedroom glass wardrobe to the bathroom, are the key factors

of the vision for the house. This transparency can only be enjoyed by the owners themselves since the house was designed with great privacy to the street.

The color palette for the house are the silver, grey and walnut wood.

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